Our Unity 2019 Speakers!

Diana Dodson, Florida Advocate


Diana Received a blood product in 1985 the contained HIV. In 1998 she developed AIDS. Diana was first recommended cannabis by her doctor in 1998 for the extreme nausea that came with taking her HIV medications. She later discovered that cannabis was mitigating the pain that came from neuropathy. In 2002 Diana participated in Dr. Abrams' Federally funded HIV neuropathic pain study, which concludes that cannabis works better than opiates for neuropathic pain.


Diana first became an activist for medical cannabis while caring for her brother who passed away in 1995 from AIDS. In 1999 she became a board member of the www.wamm.org . The Women's Alliance for Medical Marijuana in Santa Cruz California. Diana was at the Wamm Garden the morning of the  DEA raid. She locked the gate on the DEA, and negotiated the release of Valerie and Mike Corral. Diana has spent uncounted hours sharing her story with law enforcement and legislators  advocating and educating about medical cannabis. Most recently Diana has worked in Florida to help pass amendment #2 that allows medical cannabis for patients in the state of Florida. The State Legislators have refused to follow the letter of the law and refused to allow smoking of cannabis. Diana is currently a plaintiff against the state of Florida for all patients to be allowed to smoke cannabis as the medication. 

Don Duncan, Board of Directors, Americans for Safe Access


Don Duncan has served on the Board of Directors since he co-founded American for Safe Access in 2002. As California Director, he is coordinating the grassroots and grasstops campaign to fully implement the states medical cannabis laws, respond to federal interference, and build a broader and more powerful coalition for medical cannabis in California. Mr. Duncan was instrumental in galvanizing grassroots resistance to federal raids and in seeding local self-regulatory alliances